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Manage backups through MagnusBilling's web panel

This feature has been requested by users for a while now, and now we have delivered it, free of cost! 

From version 7.3.6 onwards you'll have a sub-menu called Backup under Configurations where you may manage the backups being generated by your server.

Important notes:

  1. MagnusBilling has an automatic backup script that runs every day at 03:00;
  2. By clicking on "New", you're going to overwrite the backup of the day;
  3. Remember that the bigger your database is, the longer it'll take to create;
  4. Try not to create new backups while you have calls up;
  5. Use the menu to clean older backups;
  6. If your database is very big, we advise using the following command instead of clicking "New": php /var/www/html/mbilling/cron.php Backup ;
  7. A button to restore backups has not been added because in order to restore backups its essential that the user has knowledge about MySQL;
  8. To restore a backup, use the following command: mysql -uroot -p MagnusBilling < /directory/file.sql

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