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Commercial Support

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Your time is worth the same as the professionals that maintain MagnusBilling!

The main mantra of the MagnusBilling project is to believe in collaboration, therefore we thought of a way of rewarding you for the time you put into the project.


What is the reward?

10 USD for each video with at least 10 minutes.

How to redeem the reward?

The credit can be used to get any of the services that we provide. Our services are listed at

How to participate

Recording videos talking about:

  • Your experience with the project
  • Teaching others what you already know how to do
  • Suggestions and bettering of the system


  1. The title of the video should have MagnusBilling in it, be creative!
  2. The video needs to be published on YouTube with an account that is at least one year old.
  3. The video needs to be shared in the public mode in at least one social network using the hashtag #magnubilling.
  4. The subject of the video needs to be only MagnusBilling.
  5. You need to identify who you are or what company you work for.