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With MBilling we can generate coupons. These coupons will work when we set up a DID number for CallingCard. When the person is communicated to the DID, the system will ask him to enter the PIN (No. of Voucher) MBilling then automatically generate a new VoIP account, charging the credit value of the coupon user. Thus each time the client calls the DID will place the PIN, and then make the call to the desired destination.

To create a new Voucher, we headed to the Billing menu >> Voucher >> New

- Credit: We enter the amount of credit that will release the coupon to the user.

- Plan: We select which plan will belong the VoIP user when a new account is created.

- Language: User language.

- DDD: Telephone code of the user.

- Quantity: Number of coupons that will be generated.

- Description: We can add a brief description.