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MBilling has a standard interface developed in ExtJS 5 Yii Framework. According to the version you are using we will have access to different views.

FREE VERSION We can see the main screen in two separate areas, the left column contains the different modules and menus that make up the system. On the right, the main area or work area, where we can see the details of each menu, separate in columns, each header indicates the type of data content. On top of the main area we can see all tabs that said menu is open, thereby facilitating the passage from one to another. Higher still, we can find in the upper left corner the logo that identifies our company and the right two buttons, one to change the system language, the other with options to import the logo, change the graphical interface and log out . Returning to the work area at the bottom we will find the status bar Server, with all information relating to the use thereof.



FULL VERSION: Neptune, Crisp y Desktop The Neptune and Crisp interfaces are similar in structure to the Free interface, but include in the Home, a Dashboard that is displayed in the main area, separated into four windows, which can be maximized or closed separately.





Finally we have Desktop View. This consists of a main area with icons and where they will also display individual windows for each menu. At the bottom we find a bar with a home button that shows all modules and menus available, we also have anchored shortcuts, and the far right button to change the language, system time, and for customers here the available balance is also shown. We also have a bar with server information and a window that shows news and updates from MBilling (only the administrator can see this window).



As a system administrator, you can modify each interface, adding or removing elements, so each user level (reseller, end user, etc.) can have a custom interface.