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In order to send the email alerts to customers, we need to setup working SMTP server and mbilling uses SMTP server to send the email alerts.

In order to configure SMTP settings, we need to go to Configuration Tab -> SMTP

Our here we need to create new SMTP settings as default mbilling smtp settings are not valid. For this we need to click on New and then fill in the following details to configure out SMTP service.

- Host: - User: - Key: - Port: -Encriptación:

Email Templates:

There are pre-created email templates(editable) which is used by billing system is to send out to customers. We can also edit them. We find in the Configurations menu >> E-mails, MBilling default templates that sends users (Spanish, Portuguese and English), these can be modified by adding the text you want, what is important is to respect the parameters that are among the "$" sign.