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When creating a queue in MBilling, we can derive the incoming calls from the IVR and can select different strategies. To create a new queue, we headed to the DID menu >> Queue >> New.

- User: Filter the user to which activate the queue.

- Name: Give a name of reference for this new queue.

- Strategy: Select the strategy, according to your needs.

  • Ringall: voip sounded all accounts have enabled the user, until an answer.
  • Leastrecent: It will sound voip account to have fewer unanswered calls.
  • Random: randomly will sound for any voip account.
  • Rmemory: Memorize the last account which VoIP attend, and this will not sound.

- Ringinuse: Yes / No. Enable or disable the possibility that a VoIP account can select a call when there is more than one ring.

- Frequency of ads: Indicates the message every few seconds waiting for the person who is making the call is issued.

- Music on Hold: default system (Asterisk).

- Advertise timeout: yes / no.