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​Payments methods

In this menu (only available for MBilling Full), entering as Administrator, you can activate / deactivate and configure the payment methods.

Billing menu >> Payment Methods >> New.

- Method of payment: Select from the list the method of payment.

- Showname: We place a reference name.

- User: We filter the user (typically System Manager).

- Country: Select the country.

- Active: activate / deactivate this method.

- Username: We enter the payment for the service we are registering user.

- URL: We enter the URL that indicates the system of payment method.

Payments methods for reseller

For clients to resellers can load credit on their account, you must first add a new method.

The steps are the same as above, the only difference is that in the "User", we filter out the user name reseller.

Moreover, the reseller should tell the Administrator User data and URL, provided by the payment service provider.