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Free packages

From this menu you will be able to create promotional packages to deliver to customers. To create a new one, I went to the Rates menu >> Offer >> New.

- Name: We put a reference name for the new package.

- Type of package: We have three options: Unlimited calls, number of calls, free Seconds.

- Free: Refers to what we are going to give the user. This depends on what we place in the field above. For example, if we are to give "free Seconds", here we can put 10,000. This indicates that you are providing 10,000 seconds of calls. If instead, put "Number of calls", we can put in this field such as 100, this means that the system will allow make 100 calls to the customer regardless of duration (worth mentioning that MBilling automatically hangup call to 3600 seconds).

- Period: We can select the length of the package, weekly or monthly.

- Price: Value to be deducted from the balance of customer when free package is activated.

Clarification: To enable a package to a user, we must go to menu Users menu >> Users >> Details >> Free Packages. We must also select which are the rates that will be included in the package. We go to the menu Rates >> Rates >> Details >> Include in the promotional packages.