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DID destination

To give a destination to a DID number, we headed to the DID menu >> Destination >> New.

- DID: Select the DID that we will set from the list.

- User: User We filter it will assign the number.

- Call type: Select the type of call. PSTN, SIP, IVR, CallingCard, Voice Portal, CID Callback, 0800 Callback.

- Destination: It is complete in accordance with the selected type of call as follows:

  • PSTN: In the Dstination field should place the number to which the call will result in local dialing format. Example: We have a DID with New York USA prefix, but we will take the call in Buenos Aires Argentina, put the number in your local format, without the country code (54 - Argentina). So every time someone calls the DID, MBilling will lead the call to the registered number.
  • SIP: If we send the call to a MBilling VoIP account, place: SIP/voipaccount. If we want to send to more than one account: SIP/voipaccount1&SIP/voipaccount2&SIP/voipaccount3... all accounts will receive the call simultaneously.
  • IVR: We must create a IVR first in the DID menu >> IVR >> New, to give this destination DID. (Refer to the documentation DID >> IVR to see how to create one).
  • CallingCard: If we target the DID from Calling Card, when the person is communicated to the DID, will receive a message requesting access PIN (The PIN is automatically generated and users will find it in the Users menu >> Users >> Account details> > Additional tab >> PIN CallingCard). After entering the PIN, the system will ask us mark the desired number.
  • Voice Portal: The system will give a message "Dial the desired extension", then we type the voip account of MBilling with which we want to communicate. Therefore this type of destination serves to talk to MBilling users only. The call will be diverted to the VoIP account you have configured the user who has activated the DID.
  • CID Callback: The first step is to approach to the Users menu >> CallerID >> New and filter user that will activate the DID and place your number in the "Caller ID" field. When call to DID, the call is cut off immediately, then the system will check if the number you are calling matches the registered CallerID, then will call back this number so that then can dial the destination desired.
  • 0800Callback: With this destination activated. The person communicates to 0800 and receive a message that was communicated to him shortly after the call ends. The system automatically calls the VoIP user account the owner of DID, it should be logged in a softphone which dials the number of the client that was recorded in CallerID. For such purpose, we must consider three parameters that we find in the Configurations menu >> Settings:

- Answer callback: "0", the call is dropped directly when the person called, "1", the call is answered with a message (which will be returned the call) and then cut. It is advisable to leave this option "1", otherwise the person may believe that no one is taking and will continue to call, so the system will not be able to call you back because it will give busy. - Add or remove Callback Prefix: Adding or removing the prefix that will MBilling dial correctly, this will depend on the dial plan to have your supplier.

- Priority: This function is used when the call type is SIP. For example create a new destination was a VoIP account, and give priority 1. Then we create a new destination for the same DID, but we give destination to another VoIP account and give priority 2. This will do that when the call comes in and not available Priority 1, the system will bypass the call to the second priority.

- Status: On / O