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Add new trunk.

We headed Routes menu >> Trunks >> New. These are the areas we will find:

- Provider: Select from the list provider to which the trunk belongs.

- Name: We choose a reference name for this trunk.

- User and Password: These fields correspond when the trunk must be authenticated by user name and password (this depends on the supplier).

- Host: IP Trunk.

- Add / Remove prefix: The provider will inform us how to get the number to the server. In case you need to add or delete a prefix must place in these fields.

- Codec: Here we will select which codecs you will use the trunk

- Signalling: Signaling type for this trunk, the most widely used is SIP.

- Trunk Backup: To use this feature, obviously we have more than a trunk set to MBilling. In case the main trunk set to fail for some reason. MBilling will attempt to call the trunk of support. You may concatenate several trunks.

- Status: From here we activate or deactivate the trunk. Turning off the trunk and this has a backup set, calls will go out the back trunk.

- Register Trunk: We must put "yes", if the provider so requests, or if we need to receive calls through this trunk.

- Send to Trunk backup regardless of error: If you activate this option.