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Callshop - Add new booth

The first thing to do to use the CallShop function, go to the Settings menu >> User Group >> and will create a new group with the following permissions:

- Name: Select a name reference (eg Callshop).

- Type: Customer.

- Then add the following permissions:

Module Permissions Show in Menu

- User Menu: Read, Update. YES - Groupmodule: Read, Update. YES - Module: Read, Update. YES - Financial menu: Read, Update. YES - Menu Prices: Read. YES - Callshop Menu: Read, Update. YES - Users: Read, Update. NO - Accounts VoIP: Read, Update. YES - Recharges: Read. YES - Plans: Read. NO - Rates: Read. YES - Prefix: Read. NO - Cabins: Read, Update. YES - Placed Calls: Read, Update. YES - Rates Callshop: Create, Read, Update. YES - Buy Credit: Create, Read, Update. YES

The second step is to go to the Users menu >> Users, we filter the user that will enable him the Callshop,

General Tab

- Group: Select the group you just created in the previous step.

Additional Tab

- Callshop: YES (This option should be activated only if the user will use the Callshop, otherwise should stay in NO).

The third step is to create new VoIP accounts to the user, who will fulfill the role of cabins.

Users Menu >> VoIP Accounts >> >> New

- Account code: We filter the user that already activated the Callshop.

- Username: We put a name reference, for example: Booth 1.

- Password: We enter a password (can be the same for all booths).

- CallerID: We put the same thing in the Username field (Booth 1).

The rest of the fields, leave it as is. We repeat this same step for all booths that wish to create. (Each VoIP account must be a booth).

The fourth step corresponds to User Callshop.

He must enter in MBilling with their login details and go to Callshop menu >> Callshop rates. The system automatically import tariffs under the Plan to which it belongs. Then he must use the Batch Update function to make a profit. In the field Sale dialing (+) and (%), and place the desired value. He can also modify the Minimum sale and Billing block.

The booths are ready for use, the user must each account to log on a softphone, IP phone or IP adapter. To be able to initiate a call, you must select the booth and press the Release button when the client finished using the service, you must press the Charge button to lock the booth.