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Add VoIP accounts

Each time a new user is created, by default MBilling creates a new VoIP account. To access this account we must go to Users Menu >> VoIP Accounts.

Clarification: In order to make a call, the user must log in (linksys adapter or softphone) with the data for your VoIP account, which may be identical or not their data User access. But the data User access, only serve to enter MBilling Panel.

A user can have multiple VoIP accounts. To add a new account, we headed to the User Menu VoIP >> Accounts >> New Button.

- Account code: We filter the desired user account.

- User: Name for VoIP (to be placed in the adapter or softphone) account.

- Password: Password (to be placed in the adapter or softphone).

- CallerID: Name for Caller ID.

- Disallow: all (default).

- Codec: Select the codec you can use this account to make calls.

- Host: dynamic (default).

- Context: billing (by default).

Nat and Additional Options Tabs, will not be changed at the moment, leaving the default fields.