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Add new user accounts to MBilling

We headed Users Menu >> Users >> New. We found the fields:

- User: We enter the username (We can select to MBilling generate this information automatically from the Configurations Menu >> Settings >> Username auto generate, as well as a prefix can choose and the number of characters to be placed it is composed). It is advisable to place a user name consisting of numbers and not letters.

- Password: The key is always generated automatically, but can be later modified by the Administrator, or even by the user, if it has the appropriate permissions.

- Group: This field indicates which group the user will belong. MBilling has 3 default groups: Administrator, Agent and Customer; but you can create and generate new ones. Each with the desired permissions. It is advisable not to modify the groups that brings MBilling default. It is better to create new groups and leave these as a backup in case of problems with the created.

- Agent Group customers: If you select the Agent Group, in this field you can choose which group the user will belong created by that agent.

- Language: Choose the language of the user.

- Plan: This field indicates that this Plan will belong to user, so the values ​​which are going to pay for calls as each plan has an assigned fee.

- DDD: user city code.

- Active: activate or deactivate this user, if you are disabled, you will not be able to enter the system.

- Free Packages: This field indicates whether the user has activated a promotional package.