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In MBilling we will be able to configure a virtual DID number to receive calls.

The first point to check is our sip.config. We seek "allowguest" option, by default MBiling places this option like NO. This means you are not allowed to enter calls to server from any destination that is not authorized. Who are authorized? users and Trunk. So the first step if we want to receive calls from the trunk of a supplier have to add it.​

We go to the Routes menu >> Trunk >> New.

- Provider: which the trunk belongs.

- Name: Reference name for the trunk.

If the trunk is authenticated by user name and password, then we entered.

- User: username (data that send us the supplier).

- Password: Your password (data that send us the supplier).

- Host: We place the IP of the trunk (data that send us the supplier).

- Add and delete prefix: No need to put anything because it is a trunk that will receive calls.

- Codec: Select the codec.

- Register trunk: If the DID number comes through a trunk that register by user name and password, he must necessarily register the trunk. Therefore, place YES.

Additional Tab

- Language: We place according to our language es Spanish, in English, br Portuguese.

Clarification: If the trunk only register by IP (not necessary username and password). The username and password fields should remain blank. Also it is not necessary to register in trunk.

The next step is to run Asterisk the "sip show registry" command, so you will be able to see the status of the authentication.

Next step, call the DID number to check if it comes to our server. Should we not reach contact the provider to see what may be the problem.

When we call our DID should get something like this:

— Executing [55342153894@billing:1] AGI (“SIP/24315-00016f5f”, “magnus”) — Launched AGI Script /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/magnus magnus: MonFri magnus: Array magnus: (

The number 55342153894, is sent by the supplier, and should be in the E.164 format. Otherwise we ask the provider to modify it, change the extension.config, or use it as it received it. It is always advisable to use the E.164 format.

Now we go to the DID menu >> DID >> New

- DID: Copy the DID number that we have received.

- Status: Activate / disable the DID.

- Activation Cost: As Administrator you can place a value of activation, which is deducted from the balance of the user, when we activate the DID for him.

- Cost per month: We can also place a monthly fee for this DID, which will be deducted each month from the credit user.

- Price per minute: You can set a selling price per minute and / or a connection fee per call. (Only available in MBilling Full).