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Massive Calls and SMS

To create a new campaign will go to the Massive Calls & SMS menu >> Campaigns >> New Button.

General Tab

- User: We filter the user to which will belong to the campaign.

- Name: Name of reference for the campaign.

- Status: On / Off campaign.

- Start date: Date and exact time when they will begin shipments.

- Expiration date: Date and time limit for completion of the campaign.

- Forward to SIP: If the receiver presses 1, the call is forwarded to a VoIP (operator) account.

- Type: Features of shipments, Voice or SMS.

- Audio: Select the audio for the campaign. .gsm or .wav format (mono, 8000Hz).

- Blocked Numbers: Block numbers to receive the message.

- Selection of Phonebook: You can select one or more agendas (base number to which shipments will be made).

Schedules Tab

- Start time: Time when the campaign begins.

- End time: Time when the campaign stops.

- Days: Weekdays in which sending messages.

Limit Tab

- Limit Shipping: Number of posts to be undertaken per second, this depends on the server hardware characteristics, if unknown, place 1.

- Audio Time: Reference time duration inserted audio.

- Enable call completion Max: Enable / Disable maximum number of completed calls.

- Max complete calls: We may limit the amount of actual shipments, no matter how many numbers has the database.


- Text SMS: Text message to be sent (if an SMS campaign).