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How to set-up basic configuration and make your first call with MagnusBilling 6

Hidden columns, data grouping and PDF generation

Using filters in MagnusBilling

Formatting a CSV file for MagnusBilling and importing it to the tariffs

How to use the Batch Update feature in MagnusBilling

How to use the user group permission system

How to IP authenticate SIP Accounts with MagnusBilling

How to create extra SIP Accounts

How to use the username generation settings

How to create user specific rates

How to create and use an Agent in MagnusBilling

Configure SMTP for Agents

How to integrate MagnusBilling and OpenSips

How to create a new trunk in MagnusBilling

Low Credit notification

Restricted Phone Numbers

MagnusBilling Signup Page

How to configure a DID

How to configure an IVR


Experiences of companies that use MagnusBilling.

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