Now MagnusBilling has a feature that makes you able to store the result of the AMD detection from Asterisk, when used for massive calling.

In order for it to work, you'll need to execute the function AMD() in your Asterisk context, the main one being "billing" located at extensions_magnus.conf to make the system analyze.


We have developed a script for MagnusBilling that takes the configuration of your SMTP server registered in the configurations sub-menu and enable the SSMTP service, making the SIP Accounts with an active voicemail receive an email whenever they get voicemail.


MagnusBilling now has a monitoring panel for Voice Broadcasting and SMS.

We developed and published this new feature, available to everyone for free. 

Data monitored:

  • Calls processed
  • Ringing calls
  • Calls that are being picked up
  • Calls that were transferred
  • Total numbers in the campaign
  • Calls that were made and picked up today
  • Total active numbers